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About Us

Founded in 2008, we focus on a brand, an aesthetic and an attitude inspired by the evolving cultural, artistic and design landscape.  We are classic European delicacy with modern American style.  Our high fashion and global styles are at your fingertips.  


We believe confidence is the cornerstone of every form of beauty and we want all women to feel beautiful and powerful in whatever they wear.  

That's what we say in a Parisian way, which means good style, good attitude.  That's what we stand for in fashion and in life.  


Designed for free spirits, trendsetters and innovators, Anitalyn is a young, playful interpretation of the elegance that has made Anitalyn famous.  We're a little French, a little Californian, totally global, with our roots on the runway and our eyes on the future.  Because now, more than ever, there is no right way to dress, dress, think, act or be.  That's what inspires us most about this generation -- we're throwing away all the rules and redefining style in our own way.